Listing content based on Front Matter variable


I have different types of content that are geolocalized. Say, I have an article about Paris, in my front matter I have the following varaible “basedIn: france” .

I also have country pages where these types of content are collected. The page “france.html” will collect all the and that are located in France. In the front matter, I have “country : france”

I have tried several things to get that behavior, but couldn’t find the way to do it.
I was assuming that something like this would work for the template used on the page paris.html :

{{ range (where .Site.Recent .Params.basedIn ) }}
    {{ .Title }}      
{{ end }}

By hacking a bit my content, I got the feeling that the .Params.basedIn part was not recognized, whereas the was correct.

My guess is that the where instruction does not look up into front matter variables… am I wrong?

You’re right, Where doesn’t consider params.

But @spf13 mentioned in another thread that it should – and I guess it’s on @tatsushid’s list of improvements.

Thanks. That’s great to know.

This should be fixed in

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