How are your deployments going after Meltdown & Spectre Bug fixes?

On Gitlab I went from 00:01:07 to 00:06:59 for deploying a Hugo site to Gitlab Pages.

Hugo (on its own) went from 460ms to 10203 ms in total to generate the site.

Both updates I’m listing here, involved a trivial change in a single content file (no binaries or layout changes).

But then again it might have been something wrong with Gitlab’s I/O or whatever.

I just want to know if you are seeing a similar slowdown with your deployment process following the bug fixes that have been issued to various Cloud Services about those CPU vulnerabilities.

What do you compare? Remember that we in Hug 0.32 include the “static copy” in the total.

My patched MacBook runs Hugo about as fast as before.

Hugo goes as fast as before in my patched Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system.

You are right. the comparison is between 0.31.1

And 0.32.2

Maybe the above jump for Hugo is normal? But still I experienced a big slowdown in my deployment overall beyond Hugo. I know Gitlab patched their service and I just wanted to ask if others are seeing delays…