Hosting theme on bitbucket

I’m trying to host both my theme and my blog on bitbucket repos. Right now my theme is an exact copy of one on github, and pointing Aerobatic at it as in the example package.json in the tutorial works, but trying to point to my copy of the theme on Bitbucket results in Aerobatic just hanging during deployment.

The tutorial only gives an example with the theme hosted on github; are there any differences for when the theme is on bitbucket? Could someone show me an example package.json for a blog built with a theme also on bitbucket?

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package.json has nothing to do with Hugo.

It’s needed to get Aerobatic to build the blog correctly per the hosting on bitbucket tutorial. Should I try Aerobatic’s support community instead?

In the root directory of your Hugo site, create a package.json file. The package.json informs Aerobatic to build a Hugo site.

To do so, declare the following snippet in your package.json manifest. You can, of course, use any Hugo theme of your choosing with the themeRepo option. Just tell Aerobatic where the theme’s git repo is.

> {
>   "_aerobatic": {
>     "build": {
>       "engine": "hugo",
>       "themeRepo": ""
>     }
>   }
> }