Hosting my hugo site on Bitbucket

So as part of my Jekyll > Hugo conversion, I am trying to host my Hugo sites on Bitbucket pages. (My Jekyll sites are all on Github Pages) I have the repo up on Bitbucket, but the html is all in /public and Bitbucket appears to want the html in the root.

So far I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. My Wercker experiment failed miserably and I’d prefer to get the basics working before adding another step/tool.


Have a look at this:

It’s about GitHub, but the “adding your public repo as a submodule in /public” fits what you’re doing.

I finally gave up on Bitbucket - hard to find someone who has actually done this with Hugo, so examples are quite lacking…

Hopefully better late than never - Aerobatic is a Bitbucket add-on and not only hosts Hugo sites, but also builds them. That way, you can just author markdown in Bitbucket, commit, and a new version of your site will be automatically deployed.

You’d simply add the following snippet to a package.json file to tell Aerobatic to build your Hugo site:

  "_aerobatic": {
    "build": {
      "engine": "hugo",
      "themeRepo": ""

This blog post explains more on getting it going:


Just in case someone read this thread looking for an answer: It is possible to automatically build and host your Hugo site using pipelines. I explain my setup in: