Hosting cost experiences

Wondering for those who host on giant cloud platforms like Amazon web services or Google Cloud, what costs often come out to be? Not really interested in discussions of hosting on Netlify/Github pages etc. I currently use Firebase for hosting and they have a generous free tier, but some things I’m worried about are longevity and I feel that the platform lacks several important features

I have some sites on Amazon (S3 + Cloudfront). The monthly bill is around 5 USD. These are obviously not high traffic sites (I have 5-8 sites currently running) and it seems that most of the cost is related to Route 53.

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That question is like asking which car is best to drive and what is the cost. It depends. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 2 https sites which get no traffic on GCE and pay nothing for the hosting. No CDN, no redundancy, just a micro instance with letsencrypt.

You may want to be more specific about your particular requirements.

I have one site on AWS that gets any traffic at all. Roughly 1300 sessions per month, and it’s updated at least once per week. My average bill is about $1.50/mo.

The bulk of that is Route 53, though. If I make a lot of changes and end up needing to make extra invalidations on the CDN, that can start to bring the cost up, but that would take quite a bit of change to make any appreciable difference.

Thanks, that’s really helpful.