Host on GitHub - Error: module "hugo-primer" not found;

Dear all,

Bear with me, for I am testing a script as a non-dev and very new to HUGO and Github.

I tried to add the action to host the site on Github. I ‘activated’ the GitHub Pages, I added the script and committed. The action however returns an error stating:

hugo --minify

Error: module “hugo-primer” not found; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in “/Users/runner/…/themes”.: module does not exist

Total in 1 ms

Error: Process completed with exit code 255.

Any pointers on what I am missing here?

Post your configuration and see if there is a folder themes/hugo-primer in your repo. If the folder does not exist, then, well, get it :wink: If you set a different theme folder path in your config then that needs fixing.

I don’t know what exactly the action for Github pages does. Maybe you need to enable something that loads the theme first.

Best would be to link to your repo so we can test drive it. If your answer is “nah, that’s private” then create a repo with a test case and lorem ipsum as content.