Help writing docs for "Theme Components"

Hey y’all,

I’d like to improve the docs page for the “Theme Components” page as one question that stands out (for me anyway) is: what is a Theme Component?

I have a vague notion of what they are, but I’d like some input from the people that have more experience either making the feature or making actual Theme Components.

If y’all give me some input I’ll write a PR for a change in the docs.



A theme component is a Hugo theme that implements features to complement a full Hugo theme. A theme component usually is not sufficient by itself to provide a theme for the whole site.

Examples of theme components (that I have worked on):

  • Atom feed
  • jf2 feed
  • Search using fuse.js
  • Partial for debugging Hugo template internals

(All of the above are separate theme components.)

That is correct – but it can also complement a project. Many Hugo projects run without a theme (for good reasons), and now they can pull in Theme Components that adds functionalitiy (shortcodes etc.)

Yes, that too :slight_smile:


See for my PR.

I hope I explained the feature (and theme inheritance) well.

We could even move Theme Inheritance to its own page. But maybe not yet.