Help understanding content management and page bundles

I’m confused.

I have a content folder with a post folder in it where I would like to organize my posts into page bundles.

I create a directory like content/post/super-cool-post and maybe an images directory as well content/post/super-cool-post/images then I run hugo new post/supercool-post/ and change the post to not be draft.

I run hugo and I check the site and I don’t see the post. I tried adding a file to the content/post/super-cool-post folder but I’m not sure what the content of the file should be… no matter what I try it still doesn’t make the post show up.

If I create a post like hugo new post/ it works fine.

Create an file in your content/post/super-cool-post and you can just add something like this to front matter:

title: "index"
date: 2020-03-27T19:41:39+01:00
draft: true

This is template in super-cool-post folder.

Also check out this video:

I think it explains just whats you need.

Thanks. I watched that video last night.

Why would I use vs I’m not fully clear.

In Hugo they mean different things. Check the table explaining them on the page bundles docs.

Thanks. I read that page as well but maybe I’m just not grasping it.

If someone could explain the difference and use cases of each in a couple sentences or something maybe that would help me have that ah ha moment :slight_smile:

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The way it works is: you have a specific issue and you share your repo so we can see your entire configuration and then we understand what you are trying to do (or ask questions for clarification).

I want to explain to you the difference between “leaf” and “branch” bundles beyond what’s written at

Leaf Bundle Branch Bundle
Usage Collection of content and attachments for single pages Collection of attachments for section pages (home page, section, taxonomy terms, taxonomy list)

I would use your setup as an example, but I don’t know which you are trying to do. So please share your work. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I think I figured it out in the hours since I posted the question.

For anyone else that needs clarification, my issue was I was not using as my page for the page bundle but rather trying to configure additional .md files as my page.

This worked with a file but not

So the answer is to use as your page bundle page.