Help understand menu properties

Hello all,

I read through the menu docs, but I could not understand the use of the identifier, menu (.Menu property inside menu), and many other properties.

To me, the identifiers look similar to url, except without slashes.
Is the identifier a mandatory property to be set?

Which properties are mandatory? Which are not?

Can someone please elaborate on the use of all those?



I basically need help understanding the user of each Menu property: menu, children, identity, etc.

Can the doc please updated with a one or two line description of each Menu property instead of just mentioning its data type? Which properties can be modified from a post front matter? Which properties are read-only and not meant to be modified by the user (Children looks like a read-only property). Would love to get clarification on these.


  • A MenuItem have a calculated key that must be unique in a given Menu: Identifier (if set) or Name. So, it is only needed when you need more than one menu item in the same menu with the same name.