Help me understand

In this theme is an layout.
And it is going to be desplayed as seen on the example site: Contact - Hugo Hero Theme
Where can I read up about specific layouts like contact.html? All I find are list.html and single.html.
As I would suggest contact.html would render But in the example is only an :confused:

Thx. There it is stated:

 contact.html  <-- renders

But why it is working without a

I guess because the content of the md file (.Content) is just a small part of the template, it takes and displays a bunch of stuff from the config file.

/contact/ only for .Title and .Content while contact.html needs data from /data/contact.yaml
copy this file and edit according to your needs.

Ok, There is a rule you can create a layout file fitting the directory name. If I create a layout matiching the directory name it is used and filled via Change the template-file-name and it will be ignore. Didn’t find that rule in the docs, but I kinda suck on docs :confused:

  • layouts/contact/contact.html → contact layout
  • data/contact.yaml → data for email, phone, address, etc
  • content/contact/ → this for title and content.

that is what you need to change contact layout