Headless CMS for Hugo on a on-prem server

Hi There

I’m looking for a solution for the following situation.

I want to host my hugo site on my own webserver and want to be able to add content (posts with images) without having to build and push/publish the site manually.

I tried netlify cms but as far as I know, netlify can only ship the built website on their server and not on a private on-prem server.

Summarized: I need a service which serves an web-interface for adding content (like netlify) and after that, built and publish the site on a on-prem server.

Can you recommend an solution for that?

best regards

I see one option right now. I’d go with BCMS, for headless cms and make a custom BCMS plugin - that will build the website every time you press a “build” button or every time you change content. It’s not easy, but it’s not too complex, either. You can host BCMS on your server, so the build will happen on your server too.

that sounds very interesting! I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

I do this all via GitHub and GitHub actions.

  • write locally in Markdown in VSCode, add images, etc.
  • create a branch in git, push changes to GitHub
  • GitHub action runs to translate my site into 4 languages and recommit the changes
  • merge changes into main
  • GitHub action builds site and pushes to my server that I run myself.

Pretty seamless.


I’ve found a solution: tina.io, with hugo integration.

  • Integrate tina into your hugo site
  • Create github action to build and ship your hugo website

Is there any updates?