Fix Google Metadata

I seem to have some difficulty in setting the title of my website on Google… There’s obviously one extra occurrence of my site name and I’d prefer to remove it if possible…

This doesn’t occur with actual blog posts themselves when indexed on Google, only the home page

Here’s a link to the head.html file for my website and the header.html file for my website (I think the problem might be in the code in one of these two files)

Yep. These lines in particular:

{{ if .IsHome -}}
  <title>{{ .Site.Title }} {{ .Description }}</title>
{{- else -}}
  <title>{{ .Title }} {{ .Description }}</title>
{{- end }}
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Thanks! Any idea what the solution might be?

Check your homepage .Description

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There’s this on the YAML config, would removing homeTitle remove the duplicate site title?

I also found this on the file in the content folder

Looks like title param in your home page is the culprit. Remove the redundant wording.


Thanks! Appreciate the help!