Theme display issue - please help

Hi All,

I’ve been an R user for a while and as I’m wanting to make myself a personal website I thought I’d try Hugo. I’m wanting to use the Resume theme ( by Eddie Webb.

I’ve spent a couple of days adapting my site from the template and when I uploaded it to github ( and then deployed through netlify, the theme is effectively lost:

and it looks pretty average. If I try blogdown::build_site(), what ends up in the public folder locally, is the same.

Up until trying to upload and deploy, I’ve just run the site locally with blogdown::serve_site() and it looks perfect (screenshot attached). I didn’t realise there was an issue until I tried to publish.

I obviously haven’t set something up correctly. Any help would be appreciated - frustrating to lose days work :weary:

Thanks - Paul

P.S. Hugo 0.50

There are a lot of this kind of issue cited in this forum so, have a search. Usually it appears it’s related to how you set the baseURL param or, how you are referencing the css. It’s probably not a hard fix but, I don’t use Netlify so I can’t comment in detail, sorry.

Echoing this:

Your config.toml has:

baseURL = ""

which you need to set to

baseURL = "" 

Or whatever URL it gets deployed to.

Also, make sure you have read:


Oh - so simple. I’m embarrassed! Thanks so much.

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