Good template for downloadable content

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I’m looking to set up a website for a small consultancy that wants to showcase their work (i.e. presentations, reports, blogs etc.) A key requirement for the website is to allow readers to download the presentations, reports etc.

Can anyone suggest a good template that would suit the above requirement?


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If you mean a Hugo theme that offers download button functionality, I am not aware of any.

You need to implement this on the front end.

Something a la <a href="path_to_file" download="proposed_file_name">Download</a> and you can render the path easily with Hugo’s Page Bundles and Resources.

See this answer at StackOveflow for more info regarding the HTML you need for a download button.

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But you can use any theme and use an “attach” shortcode.
One using page-resources is here.


Thanks for the links. It’s always useful to have these in one place.

But I thought -and I may be wrong- that when the OP asked about “downloadable content” that meant a button that forces a browser to download content.