Homepage-like behavior for other pages

I am just getting started with Hugo and trying to port a current site to it, and facing some issues:
I have a post type called “downloads”, which contains release notes for a software component.
On a downloads page I want to list the last two stable and last five unstable releases, which works fine using taxonomies in the downloads.html template (in layouts/section/).
So far, so good. Now I wanted to include a link at the bottom to show all releases and I noticed that this is impossible, as I can’t have a layout without a post type it seems.
I even tried putting all downloads content items in a subfolder called archive and making a layout for archive, but this does not work either.

Is there a workaround I can use or is what I am trying to do just too complex for Hugo?

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I’m struggling with this as well to be honest…

I’m trying to create top level pages with access to .Site.Pages because of being unable to add front matter to list templates :frowning:

@wayneberry, I think your issue is discussed here.

@ePirat, I’ll throw an idea out there:

You can create a content/downloads/archive.md file with type="archive" in the front matter. Then create a layouts/section/archive.html template that spins through the site taxonomies and prints out the full list of releases.

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That’s exactly it @moorereason, thanks! Glad to know this is already being discussed :slight_smile:

I will try that, I did not knew I could use the type=“foo” thing in a front-matter!