Goldmark: Hard Line-Breaks in a Table Cell

The 0.60+ move to Goldmark for Markdown rendering has caused some issues with the formatting that I use in a handful of Hugo blog sites. In those sites I typically have blocks of terminal commands that I put into tables, but to improve readability, and copy/paste capability, I generally put multiple commands into a single cell and separate them using <br/> tags. Well, Goldmark won’t render these as line-breaks, they just disappear, so I get one long continuous command per cell.

The markdown I use typically looks something like this example:

| Host Commands |
| --- |
| cd ~/GitHub/dg-isle <br/> git checkout master <br/> docker-compose up -d <br/> docker logs -f isle-apache-dg |

With Goldmark in play I tried changing that syntax to use double spaces and CRLF at the end of each command but that didn’t help, presumably because the text is already inside a table cell? I also tried a number of other tricks, like ending each command with a slash or back-slash, and those also did not work. In most cases these changes caused each command to appear inside it’s own cell…not quite what I was aiming for.

So, ultimately I put an entry in my config.toml to force markup to render using the old BlackFriday engine, just to suppress this change in behavior. However, I’d prefer to apply a proper fix going forward, one that doesn’t require a wholesale override of Goldmark.

My question is: How can I code hard line-breaks within a table cell when using the Goldmark engine? Or, is there a Goldmark setting that I can apply to force rendering of my <br/> marks inside table cells? Or, alternatively, is there a better way to present commands like this, one that doesn’t require any overrides or setting changes? I’ll consider introducing a shortcode, but would rather not do so unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

| cd ~/GitHub/dg-isle<br>git checkout master<br>docker-compose up -d<br>docker logs -f isle-apache-dg |

works for me

Thanks, just tested that but it does not work in my case unless I specifically override the default Goldmark rendering engine with BlackFriday, which is what I’m trying to avoid. What version of Hugo are you compiling with? Anything less than 0.60 will, I think, default to BlackFriday.

I used the latest version 0.64.1

    defaultMarkdownHandler = "goldmark"
      unsafe = true
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Ah, that does indeed work. It seems the key change is to adopt:

  unsafe = true

I tried a number of permutations and this minimal change in config.toml seems to do the trick nicely.

Thank you for the assist and follow-up! Take care.