Golang/blog: "can't evaluate field Page in type *blog.Doc"

Here blog/root.tmpl at master · golang/blog · GitHub

I tried {{.IsHome}} also.

I tried {{printf "%#v" $}} and see only a few available variables: HTML, Permalink, Path, Related, Older, Newer.

I trying to implement rendering link only for main page.


The link points to the golang/blog repo.

That is not a Hugo project.

Yes, I try to create my pull request for this repo.

I am afraid that I do not understand what you’re trying to do.

The golang blog does not use Hugo.


Peeked at the repo file tree, agreed, it does not use Hugo.

Although I am a bit confused on why it’s mentioned in their Contributing section.

Their wording is a call-to-action for users to share their experiences using Go on their websites (not contributing to the repo). They mention Hugo en passant as a site authoring tool, written in Go.

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