Go report card


Reports on a few golint issues

We have done some work to look better on that report card; the Golint is work in progress (it will get better once we move all the deprecated Url, Html etc. fields and funcs in 0.15).

I came across Go Report Card just today, and I tried Hugo:


I don’t know how we rated in 2015, but now we are at A+ Excellent level, 98% compliant. :tada:

Also in 2015, there was a best Hugo projects list here:

For large projects, number 1 at the top of the list had 97.1% compliance, so we would be number 1 if we had our 98% at the time :wink: but a lot has happened since 2015, I don’t know how we would rank if the comparison was made today.

Sorry for the “necro” (resurrecting an old thread), but I thought this was interesting for lunch time.

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