GitLab CI beginner questions


Hope this is the right place I’m new to GitLab CI I am looking to do 3 actions:

  1. Update the Hugo version
  2. Remove unused CSS /JS
  3. Update Hugo plugins

Anyone have any advice/reading material or GitLab CI templates I could look at?

Sites run on Hugo and Netlify

Plugins typically include:

Plausible Analytics to name a few

Any guidance is greatly appreciated

I have no idea what this means.

Hi @jmooring ,

Thanks for this Updating the Hugo version implies you are using GitLab in my case I am using Netlify so those instructions don’t apply.

On the remove CSS would I be correct in assuming I just add writeStats = true to the build file and that is it it should apply to all environments

As for Plugins if you look at some themes they have a plugin folder broken down into css & js plugins with boostrap etc these are libraries

Then update the version on Netlify. See docs.

No. Add it to the build object in your site configuration file. See docs.

The implementations are specific to each theme. Check each theme’s documentation for update instructions, or contact the theme author via the theme’s issue queue.