Getting value from of taxonomy

I’m working on a page where I have a taxonomy named 'states'. Each term is named with the abbreviated name for this state. However, I would like to display some extra metadata for each term. I have created folders that are /content/states/<TERM>/ In I have added the first metadata variable that I want to use:

title: "State Name"

Now I am trying to create a list of all states and their associated content. How do I go about to list title instead of the term name for each term in the list.

I am currently using the following code:

   {{ range $taxonomyName, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.states }}
    <h4>{{ $taxonomyName }}</h4>
        {{ range $taxonomy.Pages }}
        <li hugo-nav="{{ .RelPermalink}}"><a href="{{ .Permalink}}"> {{ .LinkTitle }} </a> </li>
        {{ end }}
    {{ end }}

How do I list title instead of the value printed from the $taxonomyName variable?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t looked at yer issue at all, except to notice you aren’t using {{ .Title }}. Have you tried that?

I did try using {{ .Title }} but then I get the following error:

Error while rendering "section": template: /Development/hugo/layouts/<SECTION>/list.html:22:54: executing "main" at <.Title>: can't evaluate field Title in type hugolib.WeightedPages

I have struggled with this for a few days now, but I still haven’t found a solution. I would appreciate if anyone could chime in and let me know what I am doing wrong?

Share a link to your site’s source, and I will clone it and take a look. To troubleshoot this, we have to take a look at the templates, otherwise we’d need to create a site from scratch, and I am not personally into that. :slight_smile:


Here is the repo and the relevant branch.

If you check the layout in partials/concurso/list-by-state.html you’ll see the code.
And as you can see in /content/states/*/ the ones that are there has a parameter “title” defined. I’m unable to call this in my template. I would still prefer the short name for the term to be the 2-letter abbreviation, but I would like to display the full name of the state in some layouts.