Generating static site using Docuapi produces blank pages

Hi there!

I’m creating a project that will expose API documentation via a static site using a GCS Bucket.

I’ve chosen Hugo as my framework and chosen the Docuapi theme.

I’ve been able to successfully generate a static site via the quickstart tutorial using the ananke theme by modifying config.toml adding the following lines

baseURL = "/"

relativeURLs = true

uglyURLs = true

Awesome. Now I need to create something a little bit more suited for the my use case. I’ve created a new project using the following commands…

hugo new site .

hugo mod init

hugo mod tidy

I updated config.toml to use the docuapi theme


path = ""

I was able to successfully launch an empty site with the theme showing using hugo server -D

I then went on to copy the file from the example site, and add some more config to config.toml to prettify it.

I also added the same config from the quickstart example above, knowing that’s how I’ve successfully rendered a working static site that’s themed correctly and has working links.

However, when I run hugo -D in new-site-using-docuapi, the generated static site is just blank pages. When I inspect source in browser, all code is there.

I’ve tried fixing my issues visiting different stackoverflow links, and various posts here to no avail. I’ve copied in the docuapi theme into /themes and that doesn’t seem to generate the desired outcome. One difference I noticed between the quickstart and my project is that the quickstart has a directory themes/ananke/assets/ananke/... whereas the docuapi has themes/docuapi/assets/.... I’ve tried some manual renaming but to no avail.

I’ve uploaded both projects here for comparison - GitHub - larjudge/hugo-static-issue: Toubleshooting Hugo issues

Any help at all would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

baseURL = "/"
relativeURLs = true
uglyURLs = true

Looking at the above, I’m guessing that you somehow want to serve the documentation without a web server (directly from the file system), which I’m (who wrote that theme) how well that would work with that particular theme.

As to getting a site up and running with that theme, there is a working demo at

Hey @bep

Thanks for the reply. You’re correct, I do wish to server directly from the file system.

Can you recommend any similar (documentation-style) themes that allow for static serving?

Troubleshoot the problem using your browser’s dev tools:

You need to override a couple of templates, removing the integrity attribute from: