Generating html for subpages

So I’m quite cornered. I have content like this


    | components
| general
    | images

… etc

I’m running the latest Hugo Static Site Generator v0.38.1 windows/amd64

Now in localhost I can see index page, I can see components index page. But subpages - components/headline/ or general/images/ - these come a go. At one point they are available and the next I get 404. Funny enough - if I rename the filename I can access with the new name. I rename it back to old name - all is good. And at some point (sometimes after new hugo server, sometimes just after new build where I just change styling) the subpage returns 404 again

Also - does Hugo generate html on the fly or is there special command for that? As I can see in public folder the site but again there are no subpages. components/index.html is there but it’s the only file in the directory

So what I’m doing wrong, what else data can I provide?