Generating a "master" JSON file from all front matter

Last year I built a nonprofit listing site in VueJS/Firebase, but quickly realized that a database is not at all needed as I ended up caching most of the data anyways. There’s a ton of data, and I’d like to compile all this into JSON files so that people can visualize it with D3js or something. If you’re familiar with the site Crunchbase, I’m building that but for nonprofits.

How do I generate one massive JSON file from all the front matters when I build my site?

You should search for something like JSON file and scan the results.

The relevant documentation you are looking for is custom output formats. :slight_smile:

So, I gave the docs another pass through. There doesn’t seem to be an example and the search results I went through (I’ve been on for 2 hours now) either require Node (which defeat would defeat my purpose in specifically choosing Hugo) or are not resolved. I also downloaded a few themes to see.

I really feel like this should be a super trivial thing. Is there an example that you can point me to?

I’m really struggling with this still and is becoming a blocker, I think I’m just having a hard time understanding the docs :frowning: Is there an example project that I can look at?