Generating json for consumption by javascript framework

If I could get some json in order, creating a seemingly dynamic site using backbone or angular would be pretty sweet.
Since hugo can generate rss it makes sense that this could be possible (perhaps with an archetype?). Is this something that is possible right now or are there additional pieces necessary? Any suggestion or scenarios would be great. I am all for contributing to something like this.


It wouldn’t be hard to extend the rss code to generate a JSON file next to it. It’s probably only a few lines to add this.

Ok, that is great. Currently, there is nothing already built?

+1 up this issue

+1 for me too

This would be a great feature.

I am just now looking for exactly this feature.

Big plus one from me for this as well. I’ve got content, Products, that I want to expose as both HTML and a simple JSON list. If I do


I could use a JSON url in the front matter, but I can’t build my code dynamically because content can’t have code in it - unless I build a short code.

I could use a layout I guess - but that seems backwards.

Is there really no way of doing this?

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