Generate only pages

Hello Hugo people,

I’m trying to develope a website, and is there a way to generate only pages instead of posts? I’m trying to create couple of hundred pages from the excel sheet as data source and export will be a lot of pages.

How can I see the generated are actually pages and not posts in hugo? Looking a way to differntiate between post and page, as they look totally identical.

In SEO point of view, pages are perfect for everygreen contnent and where posts are for news related content etc.

Thanks in advance

This are only names.
Depends how the selected theme will display it.

“Pages” versus “posts” is an abscract way of thinking about content. Hugo means you have to set up the content as you want; that could mean using a theme or coding it oneself.

What is SEO? :thinking:

The layout file single.html is responsible for the pages’ layout—no matter whether they are pages from /content/ (e.g. /content/about/ or from sections (e.g. a blog post).

Create another template file /layouts/posts/single.html. Here you can style your post pages differently.

Is that what you mean?

In your posts template you can publish tags, the publishing date, authors and much more. All of this is beneficial for SEO.

Moreover, you can use Hugo’s internal templates for Twitter and OpenGraph.

Also, mobile friendly sites with valid and semantic code should improve your SEO score.

Probably the most important thing is high quality content, of course.