Gemini Output for Ref Links

Hi :wave: ,
I鈥檓 trying to find out if the ref shortcode can still be used with outputs. The example I setup is here: hugo_ref_issue. I was assuming that when I referenced one post:
to another
using the ref shortag,the ref shortcode would translate the link to the targeted.

This works fine when built for html but not for the gemini output. You end up with second_post: hugo-ref-issue/second_post.gmi at main 路 bneil/hugo-ref-issue 路 GitHub which just shows the ref shortcode.

Any advice? Id prefer not to use static linking if it can be helped.

Thanks in advance for the help!

p.s: sorry for the bad formatting, new users only get to use 2 links

Your posts are rendered to the GEMINI output format by:

After several string replacements, this template displays the raw content of each post, which means that shortcodes are not interpreted. This is not limited to the ref shortcode.

That makes sense, I appreciate the clarification.

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