Hugo 55.2 breaks shortcode formatting output

I found myself upgrading to Hugo 55.2 and suddenly a shortcode I had seems broken… this is the shortcode call;

{{% import file="/static/python/" language="python" %}}

calling this shortcode

{{ $file := .Get "file" | readFile }}
{{ $lang := .Get "language" }}

{{ if eq $lang "md" }}
	{{ (print $file) | markdownify }}
{{ else }}
	{{ (print "```" $lang "\n" $file "\n```") | markdownify }}
{{ end }}

But the rendering of the page is all a mess… (http://localhost:1313/docs/collaborating/authoring/screen-recording/) any ideas?


Please provide access to the source code.
You cannot share localhost links, only you can access them.

Sorry… my mistake… here is the live website (wip)

If you need access to the repository, here it is.

Seems I may have been mistaken as I can see the tool now works again, probably was me messing with the CSS files and…

Sorry guys.

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