Future Imperfect Slim: Wrong date format for Spanish

I’m working in new post for this year (2021) and when I use a date after January 2021, it keeps putting it in January 2021 when it does the rendering.

For example:
If I put my date as follows:
date = “2021-02-07”

The rendered page will display this post as “Jan 07th, 2021” instead of “Feb 07th, 2021”

I do have a repository where I’m hosting my blog:

And the current post file that I’m having trouble is:

If it helps, I’m using the Future imperfect slim theme from @pacollins


You need to take this to the Future Imperfect Slim Theme repo as this is an issue due to the theme

This is how i18n for date formatting is used.

I do not know why the theme author has set up the Spanish date format to 2 de Enero, 2006. Try asking them.

@obedmr - Please make an issue on the repo so that we can look at it, then mark this thread as closed.

@alexandros - It looks like a reformatting PR slid through with my ignorance of Spanish. Thanks for jumping in.

Actually I did not jump in.
The original topic title was:

Wrong date is being displayed on new post newer than January 2021

After spending some of my time I figured out what is going on, edited the topic title and category and pointed the user to the theme repo, since the issue is due to an error in i18n/es.toml

This is great, thanks @alexandros and @pacollins, I really appreciate the super fast response.

@pacollins I just created the issue there in the repo, I’m also trying to fix it by myself. Still newbie on Hugo, I really appreciate the help.

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