Dates are not displaying correctly

Hi folks, I have a strange problem where Hugo displays the dates incorrectly when listing posts on my website. Here is the relevant line from the index.html file for my front page:

<time>{{ .Date.Format (.Site.Params.dateform | default "Mon January 3, 2006") }}</time>

I have two posts with date 2019-04-17T13:15:02-04:00 and 2019-04-17T12:26:52-04:00. These are displaying as Wed April 1, 2019 and Wed April 12, 2019. Notice that it is impossible for both of those days to be Wednesdays :wink: In fact, April 1 was a Monday and April 12 was a Friday. The correct dates would be both be Wed April 17, 2019, so I guess the day of the week Wed is correct for the correct day?

When I fiddle with the date, I see that the month and year correctly reflects my changes, but the day is erroneous (and the day of the week is inconsistent with it).

What is going on here?

This is my theme:

hugo env:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.55.6-A5D4C82D linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-05-18T07:56:30Z

I’m not sure what your dateform param is set to, but the default format is invalid. It should be:

Mon January 2, 2006

OMG I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize that the specific values mattered, as explained in Sorry for not reading carefully enough!

Changing the day from 3 to 2 fixed it.