Frontmatter-only content

A feature idea I was toying with, brought up again by

The ability to create pages with only frontmatter (no content). Rather than creating a page as .md, it could be .yml (or .json/.toml, same formats as data), and create a page where .Content (and related) is empty.

Currently, it’s possible to achieve this simply by not specifying any content in a standard page, but a dedicated implementation would be nice! Relating back to #4485 (and #140), it makes incredibly templated content very simple.

Any input on this would be great, I understand this is likely an incredibly niche suggestion!

I think 4485 should cover you. I have not thought too hard about the implementation, but we are talking about “virtual pages” – we’re not writing markdown files to disk.

So, the main use case is metadata only (i.e. front matter), but I have also suggested a merge, so if

/data/_pages/ (whatever)



and there is a content file in


Then product1 will be merged (mainly to get the content) into the /data version.

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This will be an amazing feature.

Currently I split a CSV to md files with a bash script to generate content pages for products.