Format appearing as plain text in multilingual sitemaps

I raised this issue a while back, but someone has now put what I was explaining into words. The code in the issue now formats the multilingual sitemaps properly (and I hope the pull request by Joe will do the same). cc @idarek

Such a simple fix. Just copying and pasting this section of code into the custom sitemap template.

I commented there, but adding here as well:

The default sitemap template for sitemap.xml in Hugo contain

<urlset xmlns=""

Changing it just to

<urlset xmlns=""

adding the way of displaying sitemaps in subfolders exactly like the root one.

As mentioned here:

but then Google Search Console will start complaining about Incorrect namespace.

Firstly it’s better to think if we need to fix that. I don’t think we need it. Google search engines are reading these files, not users. I understand that users may want to preview that, but overall I am sticking with defaults.

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