Force Build even if one content file causes issues

Hi everyone!

Basically I need a way to force Hugo to build a site even if one content file causes issues (and obviously just not build that file :D) or at the very least know how to add error handling to a heroku buildpack so that it doesn’t deploy. Because here’s my situation. I have a few people that update content but sometimes they make mistakes and they aren’t very technical, which causes problems when it breaks because I have to go in a fix it and the whole site goes down. If only the one page went down that would be awesome but currently it errors out and deploys a website that doesn’t work at all making all content unaccessible.

If anyone has any insight into a force build or something that would be awesome!!!



From Hugo 0.16 any breaking error exits with an errorcode != 0

Perfect, thanks.

Also is there planned or maybe something to implement a force build, where content files aren’t built but the rest of the site is?

Thanks again!


No plans. The definition of “broken” gets adjusted over time, but broken is broken …

Oh wow I realize that I just said something incorrect here. I meant to say if one content file is broken just don’t render it but still render the rest of the content files that work. But I assume the answer is the same unfortunately. Thanks for the answers though.