Footnotes. I thought it was easy/obvious, but I am missing something

I wanted to add some footnotes to my site today, so I started by updated config/_default/hugo.toml, adding:

            unsafe = true
            definitionList = true
            footnote = true
            linkify = true

I then went to one of my markdown pages (an article page), and added a simple footnote:

...Dunorl[^1] lead quiet services...

followed at the bottom of the document with…

[^1] An old man in his mid-70s, Dunorl is...

Ran the server and the links are not rendered.

Ran over the config and googled a bit, but couldn’t get a clue.


You’re missing a colon.

[^1]: An old man...

Well…damn. Thank you. And damn my eyes.

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