Footnotes continually breaking!

Hi! I am new to Hugo, but am doing my best to make sure I’m reading all docs & instructions.

I’ve built a site with the Academic theme, and I use a lot of footnotes. I have been following what the docs say for footnotes in markdown:

“Scholars say that …[^1].”

[^1]: Scholars, Some. 2019.

and the footnote links correctly, for a while. Invariably, after an hour or a few days, the footnote breaks. When I check the code, I find that all of the footnotes have double backward slashes in them. It doesn’t matter that a) I never entered them or b) if I edit them out 20 times - they always appear again. Here’s an example.

Any wisdom would be appreciated!

My hunch: this is not hugo-related.

I see you’re using Forestry – perhaps the backslashes are being inserted by their online content editor? May be worth looking through their issues (and/or creating one)

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