First Hugo Site on GitHub Pages

I am attempting to publish my first Hugo site to GitHub Pages, following the instructions in the “Docs” to Host on GitHub using the ‘gh-pages’ branch.

I poked around the Hugo Community, and I found a few things that I thought might help, like making sure my base URL is “/” to avoid a conflict with HTTPS and HTTP. However, I still can’t figure out why the site isn’t displaying correctly.

I’m feeling kind of ‘dumb’ here because the site appears to be published. The HTML skeleton shows-up as expected, but none of the styling or images are viewable.

GitHub Repository

What am I missing?

I think I figured out the issue . . . there is a leading “/” that is causing the relative references to be off when viewing the site in Chrome.

EDIT: just to be clear for anyone who might have this issue in the future: the theme I am using has a leading “/” in front of the asset paths.

Example: “/path/to/img/img.jpg”

Using the above example, I removed the leading “/” which changed it to:


Well, those sound related. I’d pick a protocol and stick with it. :slight_smile: