Figure img title # stop being set as caption

why is hugo setting the figure title attribute as text under the image like a caption and more important how to fix / stop the title being shown under the image?

I think you should raise the issue here:

cc @kaushalmodi

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Hello @jmooring,

the link is only the example for the behavior that I can see [without to use ox]. I use hugo with portio. Do you want to say that the hugo default/behavior is different to the example given?

in standard img situations it is not shown, right?

I overwrote

Do you still have a question?

yes and no,
by SEO you need the title but not “everyone” like the title as a caption
So why is this the hugo figure default?

If you don’t like the built-in figure shortcode, create your own.


With touch screens there is no mouse over title anymore.
So if you are using a title rather than alt, then having it readable seems a fair default for figure/figcaption.
Maybe I am reading out of date articles, but from what I can see alt text is preferred by google.
If the title is displayed it should also be found as content.

Markdown does not support figure elements, so many choose to leverage valid markdown (src, alt, title) to generate a figure element with a caption, using the title. Seems sensible to me.

Fortunately, it’s trivial to change that behaviour if you like, as @jmooring said.