Feature Request - Flag to not copy static files to public folder

After reading other topics and looking at the hugo source(I have no experience with go, so I could be very wrong on this) but it appears that when hugo runs it will copy the static folder to public no matter what.

My static folder currently resides on my nas and is > 3GB in size and will grow as I have a lot of pictures.

Is it possible to add a flag that tells hugo not to copy the static files to public? This would allow me to upload the files to my hosting provider without Hugo needing to transfer large amounts of data.


Currently you can place such files under the Assets Directory so that they get published only if you call their .Permalink or RelPermalink values in the templates.

Well, why not putting them in static2? All you need to take care of as far as I understand is copying them over to the server, so they don’t need to be in the static folder.

you can set a different staticDir in your config.