Favicon is not showing despite using static folder

I’ve placed my favicon in the static folder, however it doesn’t show on my site.
To try and troubleshoot this, I have also placed the favicon in the Public folder, yet, nothing changes.
I’m using favicon.ico, favicon.png and apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png
my site is www.philipmadeley.com and the favicon should be the same as my logo.


The dot before your favicons’ path looks fishy to me:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="./images/favicons/favicon.ico">

What I’m doing:


Cheers Rick!
The problem is now solved thanks to your help.
As I’m relatively new to Hugo, if there’s anymore advice you can give regarding my site, I would be all ears!

Most appreciated,

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Your website looks great. Why don’t add it to the showcase?

Agreed, nice looking site. :slightly_smiling:

How about a “bio” page with a little narrative about yourself?

I see you’re using &copy; {{ .Site.LastChange.Format "2006"}} in your footer. I’ve debated using the last change date versus, today. I decided on {{ .Now.Year }} since I might hit a time when I have no time to update, but I can update the copyright year with a quick Hugo deploy.

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Great advice Rick.
I have just updated my site and pushed a new version with {{ .Now.Year }}
Regarding the showcase, thanks for the nomination.
I plan to get the bio page and showcase submission some time this summer.


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