Fastrender seems to miss changes on some pages

Using the new ‘fastrender’ feature seems to cause an issue on a website I am working on.

I use bootstrap as framework and incorporate a navbar as a partial on multiple pages. Changes in the navbar (e.g. adding an entry) seem to get incorporated only in some pages, whereas it should show up in all pages (same partial is used for all related pages).

Force reloading the page in the browser (Chromium) doesn’t change anything. But disabling fastrender (with ‘hugo -vw server --disableFastRender’) does make the change visible on all pages.

I am using:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.30.2 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-10-19T13:34:27+02:100:

on Ubuntu 16.04.

Is this worth an issue on github or am I doing something wrongly?

For the Hugo project we use these forums for discussion and support, and reserve GitHub for technical decisions and changes to the project. So you are in the correct place!

The easiest way to get assistance for your issue is to share the source of your site. Then we can check it directly and see what is happening. If you have it up on GitHub, share a link. :slight_smile:

Did you read the release notes about this feature? Exactly how it works? Does that exact definition not match with what you see?


I’m deliberately being pedantic in the above: The behaviour of this feature is well defined. If you navigate to a page outside of that “render area” that is out of date, you need to do a new edit; or turn off the fast render feature.

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Well, I read the which boiled down to ‘go play’ to me. After reading the more in-depth discussion in the github issue, I think what I described above is the intended behavior.

It was surprising to see the old navbar on other pages than those I had been working on before. I got the impression something is seriously amiss. However, after understanding the scope of fastrender better, it’s something I can live with. If necessary I can make a redundant change on a specific page to get an updated render for that page.


Just one related question, please.

I deploy the website by issuing a single ‘hugo’ command and then uploading the generated ‘public’ folder to the server. Do I understand correctly, that fastrender is used in this case? Or are all pages generated from scratch?

This seems to be an important point. If fastrender is used I might end up with a broken website, which would be quite unfortunate in my case…

Yes… The “fast render” is only for the “hugo server”, i.e. development mode. You can turn it off by `hugo server --disableFastRender".

So, for people coming here, the “fast render area” I talked about above is:

content page you last edited (if any) + home page + up to the last 10 pages you visited. This would in most cases describe the “stuff you are working on” pretty well.

A hot tip here is, when you are doing content editing:

hugo server --navigateToChanged