Extract templating function

Hi all,

I’d like to use Hugo templating for a project, but just the templating, without the deployment, without even the file system, just loading the templates from memory and generating the pages/site. Looking for some feedback whether it is feasible or not. Thanks in advance.

Nobody? Any help appreciated!

Create your website using hugo saved locally on your computer.
Run using hugo serve and go to http://localhost:1313 to see your output.
From there do whatever you planning to do.

Thank you Idarek and Vado for your answers but I don’t think they apply. Let me give you some more details:

I have a database with both the templates and the data in different tables, which I want to query from code into memory and then call hugo templating functions to generate the HTML.

Hope it clarifies a bit.

The answer is no, unless you want to fork Hugo and do the development yourself. The best I can suggest is an intermediate step to dump from DB to files.