Exto theme from Stackbit adding categories


I have been working with hugo for about five days, it’s very good.

I would love if someone could just guide me on this as the theme (exto, link below) I Am using is a bit unusual I think, as it is deployed from stackbit.
I want to be able to show all posts on an all post page then have 3 other pages which show post by category. I have read over the docs.


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and several more I"ve gone over tutorials and built a basic theme to try and get my head around this.

I can’t get the exto theme to do what I want. I have turned off the disabled tags and categories on the config.yaml and set up a list.html and followed the process but I can’t get it to just display the post with the current css in place on blog pages, these being 4 in total as I said. 1 with all posts and the other 3 showing posts with from set categories. So when some clicks the menu where it says health for example it then shows the page and shows the posts in the health category.

This theme below has the tag function and I have tried to merge the function from this to the Exto theme updating references in the folders coping over the go code but I can’t get it to work.


The above theme is great but I love the look of Exto the tag function is kind of what I want. I would love some spoon feeding on this as I have been looking at hugo with this issue for 5 days and can see the power and great features of it but I can’t get this one simple aspect to work.

In quick summing up:

this is the theme I am working with

This is the repo where I have a copy of the theme running in hugo

I have tried many different things and would be very grateful if one of you wise souls could wave a magic wand and help me with this.

Many thanks in advance


this is the link to the clean white theme
This is the theme that kind of has the tag feature I want

Include the changes you’ve made to the repo you have so we can see how you are trying to do things.