Extended version fails on Travis

I upgraded a project from hugo_0.55.5 to hugo_extended_0.55.5, the build is ok locally but not in Travis — any idea why? Is it gulp-related?

Here is the commit
Here is the Travis log
Here is my hugo gulp task

If you temporarily change your build to just run the plain hugo command, instead of wrapping it in gulp, does that work?

Guessing a little, but try Travis xenon


I should’ve tested this indeed… but it still fails, so it seems not to come from gulp:
travis log

Then I would try upgrading your CI Linux OS per @bep’s reply

I guess you mean enabling the Xenial Build Environment.
I don’t understand why, but it solved it, thanks @bep!

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I think it’s related to hugo extended version depending on a later gcc version.


Just to mention, now Xenial seems the default, I’ve been able to remove this line from .travis.yml