Travis CI: "go get -u -v" failed

Hi, I have trouble with downloading hugo via "go get -u -v" command on Travis CI. I work on open source project and after long time of not updating project website I want to add a commit, but our old travis script does not want to work now. Please, could you help?

Travis script for our project is located here:

Faild build log:

How about setting Travis to use a fixed version of Go, rather than master? The code on master may or may not work as expected, which is just what the culprit may be here.

I’m guessing, since the build log isn’t of much help – there’s no specific error message or anything hinting at the actual problem.

I can try, do you recommend any go version as “working best”?

Hugo needs at least 1.11, but I think it’s safe to go with the latest in the 1.12 branch, so according to Travis’s documentation, setting:

  - 1.12.x

should do the trick.

Thank you for help

Well, unfortunately build still fails, but on different command - may not be directly hugo related. If anybody wants to help me - here is latest travis log: