Experimenting with AMP output and Themes

I am trying to experiment with Hugo Outputs now to get AMP natively along with my standard theme.

Started with

page = [ "HTML", "AMP"]
home = [ "HTML", "RSS", "AMP"]

Then I go into modifying my theme.

I am using heavily modified to my need Minos theme that is starting it build with list.html

So, reading how things working with hugo I will need to make two files, which one list.html will build standard pages and list.amp.html will go for AMP pages.


But it doesn’t look like hugo is using list.amp.html file, only list.html even for AMP output.

Any advice?

ps. how I know that is not using list.amp.html
Apart from the obvious source page analysis I made (on purpose) a mess in list.amp.html file that shall result in error during build but it doesn’t.

Or is it simply not working with list.html and shall concentrate my efforts on single.amp.html and in config apply AMP only for posts and ignore home?

If yes, is that a bug that on HOME not working list.amp.html as its clearely listed that is shall here.

Hi there,

It would be easier to help you if you had your site code in a repo somewhere we can have a look at.

Theme code is here

I can’t replicate what issue you are having without knowing what changes you have made to the theme and what your config / content look like.

It doesn’t matter about the changes that I made. I used this theme for testing purposes and cannot see the ability to use list.amp.html for AMP output, hence my modified code, that doesn’t modify basic functionality, is irrelevant.

Looking at this I see that somebody go a similar issue which was left without an answer, is that not working by Hugo design or is not working because of the bug.

Have a look at the layout lookup rules here: https://gohugo.io/templates/lookup-order/#examples-layout-lookup-for-home-page

I’ve removed the non-relevant lines for clarity:

layouts/list.amp.html                       ### 1
layouts/index.html                          ### 2
layouts/_default/list.amp.html              ### 3
layouts/_default/index.html                 ### 4

As you can see, it will prefer to use 2 over 3.

Thank you.
When list.amp.html placed in layouts/ than is working

Logically thinking that doesn’t make sense, as when list.html is in /layouts/_default than adding different output i.e. AMP, you will think that you need to put this in same place i.e. /layouts/_default but not, it need to be:


Wonder if that intentional @bep ?

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