Execute of template failed - DoIt theme

Hi everybody. I quit blogging for a while with the DoIt theme. Today I reinstalled it to write some personal articles. But it shows the following error:

ERROR 2024/05/28 18:02:19 failed to render pages: render of "home" failed: execute of template failed: template: index.html:24:8: executing "index.html" at <partial "head/seo.html" .>: error calling partial: execute of template failed: template: partials/head/seo.html:184:69: executing "partials/head/seo.html" at <partial "function/resource.html">: error calling partial: "/home/h4sh1334r/blogs/COJIIBLOGS/themes/DoIt/layouts/partials/function/resource.html:10:26": execute of template failed: template: partials/function/resource.html:10:26: executing "partials/function/resource.html" at <resources.Get>: error calling Get: dirs not supported resource types: &{0xc0013849f0 0xc001e9be00} 

Anyone know how to fix it. Thanks all so much.

The error message means that, somewhere, you or the theme are passing a directory path instead of a file path to the resources.Get function.

Beyond that, it is difficult to help you without more information.

See Requesting Help.

Let us see your code

Include a link to the source code repository of your project, because we really need the context of seeing your templates and partials to be able to help you. It is trivial to do a quick git clone on your repo, then run hugo server in your project, to help you out. On the other hand, recreating your code from screenshots, or sort of guessing at it, is not.

If you can’t share your repository for whatever reason, consider creating a dummy repo that you can share, which reproduces the problem you’re experiencing.

C0JII/C0JII (github.com) . Here is my repo sir.

Your repository has no content and does not reproduce the problem.

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i’ll try again sir . Thanks so much.