Exclude specific page(s) from multilingual website

Hey all,

I’ve set up a multilingual website, but I’d like to exclude a specific page.
For example the /cms/ page, I don’t want this to be /en/cms/.

Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!



Just bumping, since it’s been more than a week. :slight_smile:

There is no setting that would exclude a page from multilingual mode.

I suppose that the only way such a page can have a URL without the language code is:

  • if it resides under the staticDir
  • provided that en is the default language then defaultContentLanguageInSubdir should be set to false or not specified at all in the config.

In my opinion a CMS login screen page should reside under /static/

That wouldn’t be easy to keep te same styling as the website, which is preferred.

Thanks for the anwer!

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