Multilanguage site with not translated pages

Hello. I have a multilingual site. Two languages are the main (RU and EN). All pages translated on these languages. Now I should translate some of the pages on a new language (DE).

  1. How can I follow which languages have the current page and output the lang swither?
  2. How can I go to the main language (for example EN) if the page hasn’t a current language? For example, I am on page_2 (lang - DE). The page_1 hasn’t DE version. On page_2 I should see URL page_1 with EN lang.

I am not patronizing you: I’d read over again. Also, I think there is an example of what you are looking for at

I am sure you’ll get better help soon. :slight_smile:

I have one page in another language. And on this page, I want that all another page will be changed to default language link.