Escape backslashes

Hello Hugo friends,

I am writing a blog post in markdown, but it seems all my backslashes are turning into symbols. For example: C:\Users\myusername\go\src\protoc_bin becomes:


Does anyone know how to stop this behavior?

double the slashes

c:\\users\\ etc..

You’d normally put non-prose text like that in backquotes …


or code blocks …

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Did not work for me :confused:

This seems to do the trick. Looks a bit different though.

Usually that’s how it’s supposed to be… the backquotes would convert that markdown to <code> blocks in HTML and the code blocks will create <pre> tags.

With you site rendered in browser, do Ctrl+U (works at least in Firefox and Chrome) to see the site source… and see how Markdown translates to HTML.

You can further tinker with CSS to make things look exactly how you like.