Error whilst following quickstart instructions: "unmarshal failed: toml: expected character ="

I changed it to theme = “ananke” to be windows 10 suitable then changed to linux/mac per the guidance to echo theme = "ananke" >> config.toml

Used this theme, “ananke” as it’s the go-to in the quickstart, so easier to get support.

Nodejs latest installed
Git latest installed
nvm latest installed
Hugo already installed through adminstrato-level windows powershell

Whar does “unmarshal failed: toml: expected character =” mean and how do I fix it?

I even tried deleting config and adding my own and putting the instructions in manually but that didn’t work either.

Any help please would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Look at your directory structure.
You have a quickstart directory nested in a quickstart directory.
And you are issuing the command from the nested quickstart directory.

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Many thanks, bless you.

I’m partially blind in attention if not sight! :smiley:

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