Error: Unable to locate config file


I’ve a dockerize Hugo app as below tree structure. I’ve a RUN instruction inside Dockerfile but ı received Error: Unable to locate config file when I run hugo with environment flag.

So how should ı pass the path of config file to the hugo command?

#Build hugo with environment variable
RUN if [ "$ENVIRONMENT" = "production" ] ; then hugo -e ${AUDIENCE} --minify --baseURL="${AUDIENCE}" ; else hugo -e ${AUDIENCE} --minify ; fi

Folder Structure

$ ls
Dockerfile      Jenkinsfile       docu
$ tree -d
└── docu
    ├── archetypes
    ├── assets
    ├── config
    │   ├── _default
    │   ├── dealers
    │   └── employees
    ├── content
    │   └── en
    │       ├── docs

You need to run hugo from the root of your site. Which, to me, looks like the docu dir.